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3090 Palit

Palit – GeForce RTX™ 3090 GamingPro OC thermal pad sizes

VRAM front:80x40x2mm
VRAM back:80x40x1mm

Sizes guide

  • The scrissor sign next to a size means it can be cut out from that slice of thermal pad. It is not the actual size! Example: 80x40x2mm
  • One dimension size means it’s the thickness of that pad. Example: 1mm
  • Two or three dimension sizes – with no scrissor sign – means it’s most probably an actual size. Example 100x14x1.5mm

About sizes

Sizes you find here come from various sources. Most of them reported by my clients whom successfully replaced their GPUs’ factory thermal pads with high quality aftermarket pads – getting significant results in their temperature drop. Some of these sizes are actual measurements and others just collected from random users on such websites like Reddit, YouTube or official / unofficial forums.

Do your own research

Please note that I cannot take any responsibility for the sizes appearing here. Do your own research as well before buying and replacing anything.


  • Make sure your pads and GPU die contacts well with the heatsink.
  • Always test your graphic cards and devices in controlled environment.

Share your experience

If you have more accurate information regarding the sizes or anything that worths mentioning please don’t hesitate to share us in the comment form below.


  1. James

    Hi I have a Palit rtx 3090 gamingpro only not the OC, are the thermal pad the same size? 2mm front ant 1 mm back of the Vram

  2. Bob Stoyneff

    Hmmm. That data doesn’t seem correct to me. Can you double-check and confirm?
    I measured the thickness of the pads before I change them and it was between 1 and 1.5 mm. So I decided to go with 1.5mm 15W/Km. The VRAM temp is now fine but the Hot Spot goes to overheat very quickly under load – 104.8C, and I’m getting Perf. Cap. = Thrm (GPU-Z). Vram temp is about 90C.
    Now this means the heatsink doesn’t touch the GPU very well and it is not getting cooled effectively.

    Am I wrong to believe that even 1.5mm is too thick and keeps the heatsink away from the GPU surface? I plan to replace the pads with 1mm thick ones and see what happens but it is interesting to know your opinion about all this…

  3. fabry

    I also own this board and should change the thermal pads for the vram.
    Are we really sure that 2mm in front and 1mm in back would fit?
    I had read that maybe on the front they should be less thick …

  4. ali

    helo sir i have manli gallardo rtx 3080 10g may i know the thickness of thermal pad on vrm? thx

  5. matan

    rtx 3090 palit gaming pro 24gb thermal pads

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