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Thermal pad database

THERMALPAD.EU is the first online database of GPUs’ required thermal pad thicknesses and dimensions. Featuring more than 40 graphics cards and their pad sizes with pictures, must know informations, teardown and disassemble videos.

2020 witnessed a significant surge in crypto mining. The recent increase in crypto prices prompted many individuals to enter the mining space, only to realize that the process is not as seamless as initially anticipated. Many, including enthusiasts, discovered the potential for a good investment and began acquiring graphics cards to optimize hashrates.

Upon discovering that a newly acquired 3080 would not achieve its maximum performance due to factory thermal pads, alternative solutions became an immediate priority. This is where GELID thermal pads emerged as a viable option.

In a short span of time, the business transitioned into one of the leading thermal pad suppliers in Hungary, catering to the needs of crypto miners by providing high-quality thermal pads.

Our mission

The primary mission of this website is to provide an online database of GPU thermal pad sizes. I have collected and systematized this information piece by piece from clients and various sources, offering a solution for looking up the required sizes. The data is displayed on a unified page, along with all the useful information that individuals may need when seeking to replace thermal pads on their GPU.

With respect to products, THERMALPAD.EU primarily focuses on serving European customers. While it operates as a fully functional webshop, orders are currently only accepted from within the European Union.

For Hungarian customers, I recommend utilizing the Hungarian version of the site, which can be found at THERMALPAD.HU.