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Thermal pad database

THERMALPAD.EU is the first online database of GPUs’ required thermal pad thicknesses and dimensions. Featuring more than 40 graphics cards and their pad sizes with pictures, must know infos, teardown and disassemble videos.

2020 was a huge bomb in crypto mining. The recent jump in crypto prices urged many people to get into mining whom shortly figured out that things are not going as smooth as they thought first. Including myself, I’ve found that a good investment and I started buying up graphics cards to get as much hashrate as possible.

When I figured out my brand new 3080 never will be able to use its maximum performance with its factory thermal pads, i immediately looked for alternative solutions. This is where GELID thermal pads came into the picture.

One day to the next, i found myself as one of the largest thermal pad supplier in Hungary, serving crypto miners with high quality thermal pads.

Our mission

The primary mission of this website to make a GPU thermal pad size database available online. Providing a solution to lookup the sizes we need I collected and systematized piece by piece from my clients and various sources. Display them in a unified page, stacked together with all those useful informations that someone need who looking for replacing thermal pads on their GPU.

Regarding products, THERMALPAD.EU mainly wants to focus on European customers. It’s operating as a fully functional webshop but you can only order from the European Union.

For Hungarian customers I suggest you to use the Hungarian version of the site, which is THERMALPAD.HU.