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3090 ASUS

ASUS – ROG STRIX NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 thermal pad sizes

For the VRAMs, front-back you will need two packs of 80x40x2mm.

For the two stripes of 0.5mm you will need at least one pack of 80x40x0.5mm. The longer one probably need to covered by two single pieces, because it’s sure longer than 80mm.

Same issue with the 1.0mm and 2.5mm stripes. One pack of 80x40x1.0mm is probably enough.

For the 2.5mm, you either need other brand than GELID, or you have to stack a 2.0mm and 0.5mm (or 1.5mm and 1.0mm) to reach the required thickness. By looking at these dimensions, you probably need at least two packs of 80x40mm per thickness to cover these areas.

Watch thermal pad replacement video
VRAM front:80x40x2mm
VRAM back:80x40x2mm
Pads on the side #1:2 stripes of 0.5mm
Pads on the side #2:2 stripes of 1mm
Pads on the side #3:3 stripes of 2.5mm

Sizes guide

  • The scrissor sign next to a size means it can be cut out from that slice of thermal pad. It is not the actual size! Example: 80x40x2mm
  • One dimension size means it’s the thickness of that pad. Example: 1mm
  • Two or three dimension sizes – with no scrissor sign – means it’s most probably an actual size. Example 100x14x1.5mm

About sizes

Sizes you find here come from various sources. Most of them reported by my clients whom successfully replaced their GPUs’ factory thermal pads with high quality aftermarket pads – getting significant results in their temperature drop. Some of these sizes are actual measurements and others just collected from random users on such websites like Reddit, YouTube or official / unofficial forums.

Do your own research

Please note that I cannot take any responsibility for the sizes appearing here. Do your own research as well before buying and replacing anything.


  • Make sure your pads and GPU die contacts well with the heatsink.
  • Always test your graphic cards and devices in controlled environment.

Share your experience

If you have more accurate information regarding the sizes or anything that worths mentioning please don’t hesitate to share us in the comment form below.


  1. Uwe

    Asus Rog Strix 3090 Information is wrong, yellow marked thermal pad on main cooler is not 1mm thick, it needs to be 1,5mm!

    With kind regards

  2. Kádár Csaba

    Üdv. Van egy asus rog strix RTX 2060 super OC vga-m és szeretném újra pasztázni illetve a padok vastagságában tudna e valaki segíteni.

  3. Mustrum

    Than you for the guide.

    I used provided thickness pads with Uwe’s correction to 1.5mm one. Hotspot temperature dropped by over 15C for me. From 105-108C to 90C.

    The .5mm pads were not touching right from the factory for me (definitely were .5 mm). I recommend squishing new pads from the sides to give them some height and ensure the contact is made.

    I don’t recommend switching pads under the backplate without a good reason. It was quite problematic. The backplate Philips0 screws are made from the dinkiest Chinesium I’ve ever seen. Probably that’s why ASUS can’t spell Tough in the product name properly with a clear conscience.
    First time I saw a screw not gripping at all and getting stripped right from the factory (my bits are still pristine). I had to drill it out in the end, while worrying about shorting traces with metal flakes.
    I probably still would do it again, but only because the GPU was bypassing fan curve and switching to 100% due to hotspot temps.

    BTW Gelid sells 2.5mm Extreme pads (minimally less conductive than Ultimate, but softer and hence more forgiving, I used those), but it might have not been available when the article was written.

  4. Tim

    Can someone at update 3090 pad thickness requirements please.

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